We are blackmart.us, don’t be fooled, the Android application blackmart alpha hasn’t been updated for a long time and for now it doesn’t work.  Every download on the web is not working so the website has moved here. We will keep you updated on blackmart as soon as it is available again. 

So for now it isn’t possible to use the Blackmart Alpha application, there isn’t news about future updates it’s possible that is no longer available.

What was Blackmart Alpha?

blackmart alpha logo

Blackmart Alpha was an alternative market to the play store for any device with an Android operating system.

Is there a download?

Yes, but: on the web it is full either you find a virus or a version that can’t work or that works but doesn’t find any application.so be careful…

We can no longer provide the download of blackmart because we know for sure that it will not be useful.

What was possible with Blackmart Alpha?

With Blackmart Alpha it was possible to download paid applications for free, also in the store there were many applications that were not present on the official play store because they were only available for other devices.

Are there other useful applications?

Yes, there is Youtube Vanced: Advanced, an useful Youtube modded client for Android that have themes, adblock…read more

youtube vanced read more

What can i use as an alternative to Blackmart Alpha?

You can use Aptoide, an alternative market to the very popular play store and blackmart…read more

aptoide read more

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