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Youtube Vanced: Advanced is an ad-free Android Youtube application mod and allows you to run your videos even with the screen off or while using other applications in the phone, without interrupting the audio or video being played.

Youtube Vanced: Advanced

Dark Theme

Youtube Vanced: Advanced in the settings menu allows you to choose a dark theme.

Youtube Vanced: Dark theme

Background Play

The function background play of the Youtube Vanced: Advanced application allows you to continue playing the video if you press the home button, the player reduces the size and can be moved around the screen, allowing you to continue using the device and other applications while playing youtube videos.

Youyube Vanced: Advanced
Youtube Vanced: background play

AdBlock mod

The Youtube Vanced application also has a mod that blocks advertising (adblock mod), so you can play youtube videos using this client without your videos being interrupted.

Youtube Vanced: Advanced Screenshot adfree
Youtube Vanced: Adblock


Youtube Vanced have many settings, but the best app settings are:

  • Language setting
  • Video thumbnail
  • Restricts use of mobile data
  • Automatic video playback
  • Dark theme
  • Background play
Youtube Vanced: Settings
Youtube Vanced: Settings

Play music from the lock screen

Youtube Vanced by default has the active setting to remain active as a music player in the lock screen. Very useful for playing music playlists without interruptions.

Youtube Vanced: Lock Screen Player

Vanced Player in the drop down menu

When you close the application by using cancel command of Android, by default for the first time, the Youtube Vanced app ends in the drop-down menu becoming a music player. This is also very useful if you want to play playlists with music.

Youtube Vanced: Advanced drop down menu
Youtube Vanced: Drop down menu


You can download Youtube Vanced: Advanced here or clicking the image

youtube vanced download

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